Designed for a fast, effective response that saves lives.

Cold Fire™ was designed to save lives. It’s cooling properties work to remove heat and fuel sources. This allows officers to immediately touch the burnt surface, whether a car door or a piece of equipment.

Further, Cold Fire™’s non-toxic properties benefit both the environment, officers and fire victims. Because the product does not contain any harmful or corrosive chemicals, Cold Fire™ can be sprayed directly onto a fire victim and its cooling properties will allow a fast, potentially live-saving medical response.

Why people choose Cold Fire™


  • Cold Fire wetting agent is UL Classified, UL File EX4660*
    *Cold Fire wetting agent concentrate, when added to water in concentrations of not less than 0.15% for Class A fires and not less than 1.5% for Class B fires.
  • U.S. Forest Service approved agent for wildfire applications.
  • EPA-SNAP (Significantly New Alternative Policy Program) listed.
  • NTOA Member Tested & Recommended
  • Considered an acceptable substitute to toxic foams and Halon.
  • Non-toxic.
  • Non-corrosive—product can be dumped directly into booster tank. No need to flush out lines.
  • Biodegradable.
  • Unique thermal insulation capability. Helps to minimize heat exhaustion.
  • Extinguishes fires rapidly and on contact.


  • Prevents re-ignition when properly applied.
  • Encapsulates and breaks down hydrocarbons; thereby reducing hydrocarbon smoke and increasing visibility.
  • Enhances the penetration capability of water, extinguishing the fire faster, using less water, and thereby reducing water damage and water supply needs.
  • Clean.
  • Non-slip.
  • Indefinite shelf life when stored in closed containers. Store in a booster tank, water pressurized units or closed loop system for use anytime.
  • Extinguishes Class D fires.
  • No specialized training required.
  • No specialized safety equipment is needed.
  • Non-hazardous and safe to handle and apply.
  • Does not harm the environment, officers or fire victims.

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