The civil unrest has put a strain on our Nations’ Police Departments. They are facing an unprecedented amount of situations and civil unrest challenges including people throwing Malatov Cocktails.  Now, more than every before agencies should be equipped with Cold Fire Tactical to combat these threats.  You can learn more about our products by visiting our homepage page at

Recently, 3 young adults were arrested in New York for allegedly tossing Molotov cocktails at NYPD vehicles during George Floyd protests in New York City.  You can read the full article here,

This unique product offers extraordinary fire retarding capability of any Class A surface with no flame spread and also inhibits hydrocarbon smoke development. FIRE BLOCK works to actually form a thermal insulation barrier to prevent flames from spreading. This unique thermal insulation barrier factor is attributed to the unique cooling characteristic of the product.

“Semi truck hauling SUVs catches fire”

These trucks are transporting massive amounts of weight which puts incredible friction on the brakes. Unfortunately, these types of brake fires involve a special type of metal that are extremely difficult to extinguish without a specialized type of fire extinguisher.  However, these are the type of situations that Cold Fire Tactical are made for and could quickly knock down a fire and limit the damage. These type of fires are occurring every day.

Here is a recent article we found courtesy of Mark White of The News Journal,