Fire Suppression Consultants, LLC. is the exclusive distributor of the Cold Fire™ line of fire suppression products to Law Enforcement, and a distributor for Fire and EMS agencies in the United States and Canada.

Our History

Cold Fire Tactical was created in a joint effort between Thomas Payson and Raymond Giessler, of Fire Freeze. There was an obvious need to find a solution of how the danger of fire affects Law Enforcement professionals. A tragic accident occurred on a Kansas City metro highway where the victim was alive and trapped in a burning car pleaded for help. The officers did all they could, but the dry chemical units they had did very little in fighting the fire, and sadly the victim died. This led the local police to visit with the Kansas Motor Speedway to find out how they put out car fires. They were introduced to Cold Fire. Cold Fire is the same technology used on major racetracks for NASCAR, Indy Racing, NHRA and Dirt tracks. This was the incident that gave birth to Cold Fire Tactical.

There was a natural cross over for Law Enforcement. Afterwards we customized products for SWAT, fleet operations, corrections and mobile field force units.

We were very lucky to have the support of many tactical operators to help us design, develop and deploy the finest portable ready to use tactical can. Our success is a true team effort between those who are using our products and those who are manufacturing them. We are proud of our advisory board and the other nameless professionals that have helped us along the way.

In addition to serving the law enforcement community we are very proud to be working with Fire Departments, Trucking companies, Special Industries and Maritime Shipping Fleets.

We are continuously working to improve our product line to ensure our motto “everyone goes home safely” is a reality.

Thomas Payson, President

Fire Suppression Consultants, LLC


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