HCF had a cell fire last night, and thankfully there were no injuries, we did evacuate half the cell-house and it was during meal-line and yard.  This was a very hot intense electrical fire, although small, and obviously it produced a lot of smoke.   We have received nothing but praises from the Captains all the way down to the frontline staff about the new fire extinguishing product we had available for them to use called Cold-Fire.  I know I emailed you a few months ago about this product, but, now it has been used in an actual incident and the shift staff say it worked fantastic.  It put the fire out very fast and efficiently.  I have yet to see the video, if approved to, I will send you all a copy.  This has only solidified in my mind how important it is for our department to have another tool in our tools belts like this one.

I am not certain who each of yours Fire& Safety guys are, but, please forward this to them as well.  At the very least you MUST at least see a demonstration of this stuff at your facilities.  I have carbon copied the company representative that did our demo and that we purchased the product from.  You all can contact each other and see if this is right for you and your facility.  (Trust me, it is)


Lieutenant Sean C. Harper

Director of Emergency Management / Emergency Staff Services Coordinator

Hutchinson Correctional Facility

P.O. Box 1568

Hutchinson, KS 67504-1568

Would they have the proper tools to save the citizen in need?JACKSON, MS – On Monday, a crash claimed the life of Anthony Boone, but not before a Jackson police officer did everything he could to save the man from the fiery crash. When he couldn’t, he was simply there for him…“We went through probably 8 to 10 fire extinguishers. I kept spraying them on the dash and his leg area, but the heat, it was so hot. The fire just wouldn’t go out,”

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PRAIRIE VILLAGE, Kan. – A Prairie Village driver pulled from his burning truck is recovering at an area hospital thanks to recently added equipment to police patrol cars.The Prairie Village Police Department recently switched out its household fire extinguishers with ColdFire extinguishers, an investment that made all the difference in Monday morning’s crash.The driver, who is in his early 20s, has not been identified. Police responded to 79th and Belinder and found him trapped in his burning pick-up truck.Video from a patrol car’s dash camera showed a neighbor trying to use a standard extinguisher, but officers say those are useless with a fire that big.Officers grabbed their ColdFire extinguishers and quickly put the fire out.

“You can hear at one point an officer will tell the driver ‘Just relax. We’re going to get you out of here,'” Sgt. Ivan Washington said about the dash cam video.The driver is being in the burn unit of a local hospital. Officers say he has a long road to recovery.Without the extinguishers, officers would not have been able to help. Instead, they would have to wait until firefighters arrived, and in those situations every second counts. Washington said the extinguishers are also used in NASCAR and Indy 500 crashes. Prairie Village added them after a study was done by the Lenexa Police Department.

Article & Video, April 2014