Coldfire Tactical Can for Tactical Application | Shrapnel or Not?

Coldfire Tactical is often the first choice for tactical teams who are on the front line.  Unfortunately, at times members are literally in the line of fire.  As the result we are providing some information that answers the question, “What happens if a Cold Fire Tactical Can is shot?”  This is important information to know because it is important to know that flying metal or shrapnel is not...

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Truck Driver shares Cold Fire Tactical experience

One of Cold Fire Tactical's mission is provide additional safety to those who provide vital services throughout the United States.  One of those vital services is our nation's Truck Drivers.  They work relentlessly each day driving countless miles and logging endless hours behind the steering wheel of their trucks.  We recently received an email from one of truck driver traveling on the east...

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Why Every Law Enforcement Officer needs a Cold Fire Tactical Can

In an instance someones life can change and this is especially true with first responders.  We came across this article from Portage County, Ohio.  It reinforces our mission to help protect our first responders and illustrates why every law enforcement officer needs a Cold Fire Tactical™ can.  The article describes the devastating story about a Sheriff Officer in Ohio who was serving a warrant...

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