The New England Field Division (NEFD) of the Drug Enforcement Administration has been experimenting with alternate methods of stabilizing one-pot reaction vessels. Experiments on two methods were investigated and experimented on by NEFD that NES thinks have some promise and would like to share with our readers.The first experiment took place in New Hampshire.

This test involved the use of Cold Fire™, a fire suppression spray distributed by Fire Suppressions LLC. Cold Fire is a plant-based product sold as a fairly new fire suppression medium. It can be used as an aerosol spray or for use in larger fire suppression equipment such as in lieu of aqueous film-forming foam (AFFF). It prevents re-ignition of a fire after it has been extinguished.The experiment was conducted to determine whether the Cold Fire could prevent lithium from igniting the fuel in a one-pot cook. In the experiment, Cold Fire was added to a one-pot containing Coleman Fuel, AA lithium batteries and water; each in amounts typically used by cookers.

After the reaction started (i.e. vessel was rolling), a member of the NEFD Clandestine Laboratory Enforcement Team (CLET) sprayed a can of Cold Fire into the headspace of the reaction vessel.

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Source: information provided with approval from Author, Michael Cashman

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