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Cold Fire Tactical in Action

We know first hand of the benefits of Cold Fire Tactical and it brings an even bigger smile to our faces when we hear success stories from those using Cold Fire Tactical in the real world! Recently, we received an email that said that our Cold Fire cans “kicked this fires butt!”  We wanted to share the full email and the letter of commendation from the business that was spared fire damage because of the quick-acting response of two Sturgeon Electric Company employees.

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Man attempts to light himself on fire outside suburban St. Louis school, police say

Article courtesy of Stephanie Baumer, Digital Content Producer (see source link at bottom of the article)

O’FALLON, Mo. ( – A man reportedly tried to light himself on fire outside a St. Charles County high school Wednesday morning.

Cold Fire Tactical for Fire ServicesPolice said the 29-year-old Wright City resident doused himself in gasoline around 6:30 a.m. on the parking lot of Liberty High School on Sommers Road.

Authorities said the man was detained and held on the ground by several school staff members until officers arrived. Staff members were also able to remove the lighter the man attempted to use from his possession.

The suspect was taken into custody. He was also transported to the hospital to be treated for the exposure of chemicals to his skin.

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Cold Fire Tactical Cans should be on every Auto Hauler

Coldfire Tactical Cans are on our nations auto haulers for a good reason.

Here is an excerpt from a recent article in The News Herald

With cars catching fire and some exploding while being transported on a semi-truck along southbound I-75 Tuesday, Woodhaven Fire Chief Michael Clark said an investigation has pinpointed the cause.

Clark said Wednesday that the brakes on the car hauler overheated, which caused the wheels to overheat.

He said the tires caught fire and then the blaze began to spread to the cars.

In all, there were about seven cars on the trailer.

Full article here: Auto Hauler bursts into fire