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It seems like on a daily basis you hear about the last minute life saving actions of our brave First Responders are on a dramatic increase. This only increases our need to get Cold Fire Tactical in the hands of our Nation’s Frontline Workers.

Recent news from NYPD further illustrates this need by headlines such as

Vandal pours ‘gasoline’ on NYPD van

full article linked here

Unfortunately, we are hearing these acts of violence and how people with criminal intent are using flammable liquids to set property and unfortunately people on fire seemingly on a daily basis.

Cold Fire™ was designed to save lives. Its cooling properties work to remove heat and fuel sources. This allows officers to immediately touch the burnt surface, whether a car door or a piece of equipment. Cold Fire Tactical is a valuable Officer safety tool.

Make sure to contact us and order some Cold Fire Tactical for your department today.

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