Truck Driver shares Cold Fire Tactical experience

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One of Cold Fire Tactical’s mission is provide additional safety to those who provide vital services throughout the United States.  One of those vital services is our nation’s Truck Drivers.  They work relentlessly each day driving countless miles and logging endless hours behind the steering wheel of their trucks.  We recently received an email from one of truck driver traveling on the east coast.  He credits his Cold Fire Tactical can with greatly reducing the damage to his truck.

Here is the message we received:

One of our Owner Operator’s driver had a scary experience in December. As he was heading to his first drop in Miami, FL. His right rear trailer wheel bearing went out. This is normally a catastrophic issue if not caught immediately due to the risk of fire. With units on the truck, it can get ugly very fast. Our driver of that truck used his head when he noticed the first puffs of smoke in the rear mirror. He pulled over to the shoulder on I-95 and used the ColdFire Tactical Extinguisher quickly. He stated that it put the fire and heat out quickly and caused did not allow the fire to cause structural damage to the trailer, the hydraulics of the trailer or the new car cargo on the trailer. He stated that whatever the cost of the extinguisher, it was worth it. ~Cecil Robison

We love to hear stories like this and it further motivates us to continue to educate on the benefits of having a Cold Fire Tactical can in every truck traveling our highways.

Cold Fire Tactical
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